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Press / Erich & Kallman
Impossible Foods’ Rebrand Embraces Meat Culture But With Plants

A campaign from Erich and Kallman plugs plant-based meat by playing into summer occasions such as grilling and hot dog eating contests.

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​Stephen Larkin appointed CMO at Erich and Kallman​

Larkin, a well-known industry leader, joins Erich and Kallman following his most recent position at R/GA, where he served for the last seven years as Senior Vice President, Executive Director of Growth and Partnerships for the U.S.

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Ad Of The Week for Auto Glass Now!

In a series of supremely silly spots from the ContagiousLA director and Erich & Kallman, the lack of a windshield causes some gusty gurning.

Press / Erich & Kallman
Otto Still Only Trusts Meineke Repair Shop in Humorous New Campaign

Beloved characters returns for Meineke’s standout services in spots from Erich & Kallman

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Reese’s Fans Scream ‘YES!’ for Caramel Big Cup in Big Game Ad

Reese’s super fan Will Arnett narrates the spot from Erich & Kallman and director Harold Einstein

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Erich & Kallman is 2023’s Small Agency of the Year

Erich & Kallman Keeps Bringing The Funny, But Its Growth Is No Joke

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Take 5 Is Giving Free Washes To Cars That Are Pooped On By Its ‘Official Pigeon’

From GPS trackers to wild postings, Erich and Kallman explains the down and dirty of its unusual giveaway