More Thoughtful Than You Thought

iRobot, makers of the Roomba, asked us to develop a launch campaign to bring their operating system, iRobotOS, to life. The operating system is so advanced it doesn’t just make logical decisions, it makes thoughtful ones. So thoughtful it’s almost like there’s a group of tiny, hardworking engineers within each and every device. That’s what led us to create “The Situation Roomb”, a fully integrated campaign that happens “inside” of Roomba and Braava devices. When our group of metaphorical, ant-sized engineers are confronted with a moment of indecision they always make the most thoughtful, empathetic choice possible.

Through social and digital we brought robot vacuums to life in a way that the competitors simply can’t.

To help build awareness for iRobotOS, we created over 300 unique assets for digital and social, ranging from videos to still photography.

Ask The Situation Roomb

In this social series, we had the engineers inside the Roomb answer questions about new features.

As a result, the Effie-nominated Situation Roomb campaign delivered well above both short and long-term goals

6 point
Uptick in aided brand awareness
8 point
Uptick in consideration
Increase in sales