Take 5

Faster Than You Think

Take 5 is one of the nation’s leading oil change providers with an easy, drive-thru service that gets you in and out in 10 minutes. We created a campaign called “Faster Than You Think”, which hits on a single truth unique to the brand – an oil change only takes 10 minutes, which isn’t a lot of time to do much of anything else.

The campaign is so successful it’s been broadened to encompass Take 5’s Car Wash brand as well.

The 10-Minute Print Ad

We also created a 2,380 word print ad that takes 10 minutes to read–the same amount of time it takes to change your oil at Take 5.
An editor’s pick on both AdAge and Campaign US.

Don’t Put Your Baby Through A Car Wash

We created a tongue-in-cheek radio campaign to help explain that even though you might call your car your “baby,” Take 5 Car Wash is definitely not for actual babies. A site helped confused folks understand that cars and babies are two very different things.